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Scalability in your hands

Data and technology Plug and play
Scalable engines
Scalable engines

Scalable engines

Do it from anywhere, access from any device, as many people as you need, your power is up there always available.

Flexible Solutions
Flexible Solutions

Flexible Solutions

Customizable solutions to enhance you on a daily basis. Did you think that was impossible? We work together on this.

Real time power
Real time power

Real time power

Making your life easier interpreting the reality in valuable assets without an effort. As simple as it looks.

Data Ecosystem
Data Ecosystem

Data Ecosystem

Data driven solutions to create an ecosystem of knowledge. Empowering your products with insights and automatic experiences.

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Solutions Controller
Scale, create and broadcast without limits.
Solutions Sight
Track, analyze and visualize your performance.
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Let's make your ideas a reality


In one place broadcast solution that allows you to operate multiple things on one place.

Cloud Engine

Fully equipped data and graphics engine to automate and simplify your operation.


Customize templates with information, custom fields, sponsors and everything you can imagine.


Broadcast and integrate directly from our software, everything you need at your fingertips.

CONTROLLER is built to enhance the viewing experience of live shows through interactive graphics and real-time data.

We always love to work closely with our partners to make customizable experiences and high value products to deliver

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"Not only does Barracks provide cutting-edge broadcast graphic solutions that speak authentically to their audience, but their passion and customer support is Second to None."

Brett Brielling

Broadcast Producer Global Events

"We are grateful to have Barracks as a partner, as their dedication to innovation and pushing boundaries aligns perfectly with our goals of delivering the best possible experience to our viewers."

Fernando Svevo

Broadcast Manager Brazil

"The difference is, Valorant is broadcast in over 20 different languages using multiple simultaneous control rooms all over the world. Something like that is only possible using Barracks."

Michael Di Giovanni

Graphics Operator