Improving products performance and strategy through data

Technology as a center of solution Data Ecosystem
Sponsors and partners Performance
Automatic measurement of Metrics and impact
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    Capturing the information in real time of your audience behavior, origin and performance.
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    Brand Detection

    AI and ML at the service of the analysis of brand exposure on your screen.
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    A breakdown of your product structure to analyze and improve the core.
Creating an environment where everyone can live and enhance the decision making process regarding product strategy and commercial relationships.
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    Data to tell your product story, growth and behavior during time.
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    Information in order to improve the data-driven decision making process.
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    Comprehensive dashboards and categories to communicate the information.
Knowing how your products perform and why is the first step into a continuous improvement process and data is the fuel.
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    Show the impact directly to partners and stakeholders with individual reports.
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    Automatic capture of video moments for every appearance or exposure.
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    All areas gathered in the same place with powerful information.
Making your data communication accurate and simple to read will allow partners and stakeholders base their decisions in data.
Do it yourself drive your growth and improvement
Knowledge is power Transparency

Data Breakdown

Analyzing each one of the appearances independently.


Demonstration to your partners that the presence is real.


Know exactly when, where and what is being broadcasted.


the report is automated with video timestamps and data.

We mix different data layers and sources to create an automatic measurement of your performance during live shows.

Do it yourself Real time Audience

Inside Broadcast

Tracking and measurement of every single appearance in all broadcast/product instances. Wether they are physical elements in the studio, or digital assets within the game.

Outside broadcast

Measuring assets that exist as a part of an activation or campaign but they don’t appear on the main broadcast like social media, websites, blogs, etc.

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You can track your brand’s visibility in live broadcasts from any brands’ website or app. This gives you the tools you need to monitor, analyze, and contextualize your ads in real-time.


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Enhance the decision making process regarding your product strategy with accurate data.